Monday, August 10, 2015



I know it has been a long time since the last time I wrote something, I am sorry, I have been quite busy. Here are some news.

I participate in a contest and I won!! yehhh! Well, there are 15 winners but still. It was an AMACO contest, if you work with clay and ceramics, you probably know it. They make paints, glazes, wheels, etc. It is quite big company. I use its underglazes in my work.

Here is the winner piece. It is a set of ice-cream bowls decorated with Hummingbirds and Hibiscus.

Also, I have been making cups like crazy, for different shows, some have said NO thank you, but there is one that said YES. That makes me super happy.

I also decided that I need to buy a wheel, if I want to make more things to sell, send to shows or galleries, I need to make things faster, therefore I need my own wheel. I have been doing some math and I figure it out that I need to make 25 cups and sell them in order to have money for the wheel.
I know that maybe I can find something cheaper on craigslist, but I want the same type of wheel that I use in the studio, plus I want one new. Usually those cheap wheels have a lot of problems.

I have been working a lot in the garden too, I wanted to take photos to share them to you, but after the incredible 20 something days of rain here, my garden looks awful. Now it is sunny again, so I hope soon I can go out again and take care of it.

That's all, I will let you know when I finish my 25 cups and I am ready to sell. I will take me a while. Thank you for your support.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Oval Platter

Time goes fast, faster than ever, I really don't know what I am doing wrong (well, maybe I do, to much gardening) but I can't keep up.

Here is the oval platter I made last month. I was looking for something to put in his hands and then I found this cute parasol. I couldn't buy just one, so now I have 24 more, I guess I should keep doing this kind of things.

I like this platter, was my first done in the wheel and then altered, throwing it many times on a table, kind of scary but felt good, :D

My previous frog was named "Sir Jumpsalot" I was thinking this one is the same frog, but a friend call him "Sir Singsalot" and that suits him so well, than I will do more of this "alot" frogs. I have a "fishalot" in the kiln right now. Wonder where all those frogs will take me.

That is all for now, I will report again when "Sir Fishalot" is ready.

Fell free to coment, it is always nice to hear from you, wherever you are.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


As you can see by the photo on the right column, I posted some images on Society6, this website takes you digital images and print them in anything you can imagine, besides making a giclee print, they also print in clocks, iPhone cases, iPad cases, computers, rugs, tapestries, pillows, bags, greeting cards,  etc.

I wasn't sure for months if I wanted to do this or not, because I do want to be a serious potter, but then I realize I don't have to limited myself, Dali didn't and neither Picasso among a variety of artist. And then, I watch and class with Molly Hatch and she is on potter who now is designing many things for many companies, and I don't see anything wrong with that, so why not?

Then it was the aspect of piracy, if I put my things out in the cyberspace, people can copy it, but I should be honest to myself, there a hundreds if not thousand people's designs out there, pirates will copy what is selling a lot to make a profit, I am brand new there and not many people know me, my FB likes are in the 3 hundred, I mean who will copy me? There is an artist that I fallow, Gennine, she is so wonderful, I love, love her designs, she has millions of followers that like me love whatever she makes.   And, of course, she deals with piracy constantly, but she makes a lot of money too, so I guess the more famous you get, more chances to be copied.

I think this site will help me to get my art expose, the more people see me the more chances that they go to my website and buy my things, or a gallery get interested in me. Let's hope that.

Here is the link for the current  PROMOTION, Society6 has free delivery worldwide until this Sunday, April 12th, and their prices are very reasonable, go take a look and tell me what do you think?


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More Jars

Finally I can seat and post the 2 jars that I told you about. My computer is slowly dying and there are days that I have no the energy or the patience to fight with it, and rather only use it to see my mail and FB, anything else will take forever.

I really need a new computer and now I am torn between the Mac Air and the Surface 3 Pro, I can not make my mind. I was so sure about the Surface and then my husband started talking about the Mac Air then I ask someone and again, seems like Mac Air is the best choice, but what about the tablet, the Surface is tablet and laptop all in one, but and here is the big but, Windows 8 is a pain, everyone agree with that. Do I want to fight with windows 8 every time I use the computer?

Diossss! Que hacer! Any why, I got distracted, here are the 2 jars, one is called Curious Snail and the other American Robin. Right now they are at the store, hopefully someone will buy it and I will have money for the new computer, keep finger cross.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sir Jumpsalot


Finally, my jars are ready, yay!!!

I was struggling with the colors, we had a lack of supplies at the studio, and I realized that I use light green a lot, chartreuse to be exact and black. I can not live without chartreuseeeeeeeeeeee!!! hahahaha!

What happen without chartreuse, the greens get darker, so I had to think on some more darker, earthy colors. Here is the result. Not so bad either.

I was so relief that I could open the jars, in the past one of my jars got stuck, and it took me a lot of time until finally someone help me, they recommended me to have wood sticks. This guy, Bill, kept hitting the jar, ever so light and continuously until it finally opened. This time my jars had a lot of decorations, it would have been very sad. But it didn't happen, yay!!! again.

Here is the frog, looking good "Sir Jumpsalot", funny name, my friend Deborah, name him, she said, he just look like a Sir, hahaha!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Sometimes I feel that I can produce at all, my head is full with ideas, thoughts, questions, list, and all sort of things, that make impossible to focus in only one thing. Every year I want to apply for a couple of art shows but the list of things that I will need is so big that it discourage me all the time. I will need among other things, a tent, a banner, something to display my pots, make something cheap so people at least buy a $5 dollar something, business cards, a website, a device that let me connect with the internet for the credit cards,  I know most people have smart phones, but I don't I only use the phone to make calls or text, the rest I mainly do in the computer. I have in a couple of event and I had used my husband iPod, which stress me enormously.

The list is so big, that I feel stress just to remind all of those things. However, I have decided to have a different approach this time, I will do it step by step, and if I don't have things ready this year, for sure they will be ready next.

First step business cards... DONE. I feel so relief, it was such a headache thinking of that, and decided of theme or brand that will resume my work, I know it sounds silly but it is hard work, unless you go and hired a creative from an add agency that will help you with everything, but it will also cost you a fortune. Lucky for me, I have some friends in that field, but news is that they are Peru :(

I fund a wonderful designer a friend of my brother who helped me with the cards and finger cross will help me with all the other things. It is a bit complicated since I am here in Florida and he is in Lima, but things are working out fine.

Second step, a banner. Have you seen those banners in the tents of craft shows, there is a graphic, or a photo with the name of the person or store, the website and so on. Every page on the web and every book said a banner is a MUST, well, I am working on that. Is not as easy as to pick a photo and write all your information, or perhaps some people can, my brain works very slow and thinks way to much, should I use a photo or a design, what kind of design, etc, etc, etc. I decided to paint something in watercolors, something that lately have been very well received by people: my Florida Summer collection.

Here it is:

What do you think? I think it will work, now with the magic of photoshop and a talented designer like my new best friend Ozkar, it will be the banner I will use for the next show :)

I posted it on FB and people really like it, some people told me that I should illustrate children books! wow! You know, I always wanted to be a children book illustrator, the same way I always wanted to make a dinner ware set in the wheel, and have a book published, I am never short of wishes and dreams.  Perhaps they all come true someday. In the meantime, I really have to focus and finish my plates, see you next time.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Yes! Again I am trying to make tall vases on the wheel, it is hard, at least it is hard for me. I can do small vases, but my goal is to make something tall, with fat walls so I can carve them and thin wall so I can paint them.

I got help from my teacher Scott with this vase, and I want to do something exactly like that all by myself, perhaps I have to practice more, perhaps is time to buy a wheel and practice more at my house. I am working on that, but every time I think we can afford one something happen, roof leaks, pluming problems, car problems, there is always something, but hopefully this will be the year.

Anyways, this vase was decorated with mishima and later sprayed with spodumene and dijon glazes, cone 10. I wanted to make a clear difference in the color of the bunnies and the color of the background, but I couldn't every time I tried I couldn't totally control the spray gun. I was thinking a different spray gun, the one you can use to paint but I have been told that the consistency of glazes and the consistency of ink will not be the same even when it kind of look the same, bummer!

I was also looking the videos of a wonderful potter, his name is Charlie Tefft, and he makes the most lovely pots, he also sprayed his pots, and in his video, of course, it looks like it is not that difficult, but IT IS! I am going to keep investigating and experimenting with goof luck I will be able to find something that works for me.

Here is the vase, tell me what do you think or suggestions.

Playing with Glass


Little Tray

Little Tray

Woven Glass Plate

Woven Glass Plate

Earrings 1

Earrings 1

Earrings 2

Earrings 2

Christmas 2010


Blue snowflake

Blue snowflake

Little Snowflakes

Little Snowflakes