Sunday, November 9, 2014

Juguemos Mundo! / Le's play Hopscotch!

Here they are, the tiles are ready, and I like them a lot. The colors turned out just as I wanted, the sized of the tiles reduced a little more than I expected, but overall, they look great.

The next step was to decided how to display them, I run out of time and went to Michaels and let them framed them individually. I was not happy with their solution of gluing them on cardboard. I have been doing a lot of research on how to frame them and or how to display them.

The best display for me, the one I would like is out of my budget. Arts and Craft frame design, beautiful! I  had also found some ideas, tiles on metal slabs attached to a piece of wood, tiles just attached to wood. Oh my! there are a lot of ideas out there, the bad thing is that I am not good cutting wood or metal, even more, I look at those tools and run on the opposite direction, hahaha, they terrified me.

Anyway, if you have any other idea, let me know.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Juguemos Mundo! Let's play Hopscotch!

This is my latest project, it is still and idea and don't know exactly how it will turn out. Hopefully they will look just like the cups, with a lot of colors and like a cartoon. I still have to figure it out how to frame it once is done. The ladies at the studio gave a lot of ideas, now I just have to pick one, easier to say than do.

The idea of this design is as you can imagine my beautiful niece Bella, she just learn to play hopscotch, she is 3 years old and she can not quite jump as it supposed to be, she jumps with 2 feet, but I can see her playing this game a lot in the future. The dog is Reyna, my ant's rat terrier,  she looooves to play with Bella, well, she looooves to be the center of attention, hahaha.

A have been told that these tiles look like a children book, maybe there is an idea right there, the only problem is that I am terrible with Photoshop, how will I do it without it? I can add more traditional games in the story, jacks, rope, Chinese rope... hummm, so many ideas, so little time.

What do you think? did you play these games?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More cups

Here are the cups, they are finally ready. It took me forever, probably because I can only work on them at the studio. I don't have really anything here at my house. Just a table and a chair. No wheel, no kiln, no glazes. Hopefully my husband will work on the patio sometime soon and have a wheel there, we need electricity and a screen. If you have live in Florida, you will know that a screen is a must if you want to spend hours outside. The mosquito here are the vicious, and even when they don't like me as much as they like my mom, cousin and sister still bother me way to much.

Anyway here are the new cups, I made two cups for lovers and two for mothers. I hope people will like them.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fairy House

Finally, I started a Fairy House for the garden, this has been an old project at the studio, almost everyone has made one but me. I was always busy doing something else. . . now I am busy too but I really, really wanted to make it.

Here it is, still on greenware

My teacher Kathy had made a pattern for the house itself, the roof and the chimneys, after that you are on your own. It is fun because every house is different, the doors are different, the windows, the decorations. My will be super different because the studio didn't have Phoenix clay so I used  Speckle Red or was it brown, so it will make a difference. I was not really thinking on that but I knew that if I wait 2 more weeks for the clay to arrive I, again, will not do the Fairy House.

Will glazed on Wednesday, hopefully will be ready next week, I will take photos and let you know.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Florida Summer Cups

Wow! I just noticed that my last post was in August, time really flies, I keep saying that but it is so true. I always feel behind, so much to do, so little time. I think is me, that I don't organize my time they way I should.
Anyway, news, I have been busy making cups, actually I have sold some, a complete record for me, that I don't usually sell my pieces so fast. Apparently everybody loves the Florida Summer cups, and I can't keep up, I work really slow, but I am trying my best. I made four more because I sold the previous two and again, just taking them out of the kiln I sold another one, so I only had three to photograph, then I sold another cup. Now of course, I am making more. 

The latest four are being to be ready to glaze on Monday, here they are in greenware. I made two birds in love, and two parents and baby birds, to see how is the response. What do you think?


Friday, August 15, 2014

Conejitos / Bunnies

I tried some new design on my last 2 cups, bunnies! I used blue underglaze instead of black and once they were fired I just covered completely with blue celadon glaze. Which was much more faster than coloring every single thing of the cup and then glazing it. However, i do enjoy the bright colors of the birds, I will try some new design with colors.

Also I have to say that I am still learning with this mishima technique, I had learn in the past that if I add a little of slip to the underglazes they will not run or bleed on the cone 6 kiln. However the color will not be as bright as it were without the slip. I have also learned just a couple days ago thanks to Diana Feyt video on Creativebug is that if I water down the glaze it will not run either, I should have know that since I water down the underglazes when I colored my birds, I was thinking only on a watercolor effect though.

The second thing I have leaned is that she recommended to use a natural sponge, I have yet to try that, I have to buy one first. I will tell you if I feel a big difference or not.

Anyhow, here they are, tell me what do you think, any suggestions and comments are very welcome.

Playing with Glass


Little Tray

Little Tray

Woven Glass Plate

Woven Glass Plate

Earrings 1

Earrings 1

Earrings 2

Earrings 2

Christmas 2010


Blue snowflake

Blue snowflake

Little Snowflakes

Little Snowflakes