Monday, January 12, 2015

Restless Squirrels Plate

Happy New Year!

When do we stop saying Happy New Year? in February? The holidays had left me totally burn out, to many things to do, people coming, people leaving, helping my husband with the business, cleaning the house... so many things that needed to be done, I was unable to do everything so I have to make some cuts, my garden is a jungle again, my little room is chaotic (well, is getting better now), and I have not done anything art related. I have so many projects in my mind, that right now feel I bit overwhelmed, I need to start categorizing in order to do something... but today is cloudy and rainy, I just want to lay down and read one of the books that I have all piled up in my bedroom.

But, I have to start somewhere, and I thought this will be the place to start :)

This is a plate I did last year, it has been recently fired cone 6, I call it the Restless Squirrels Plate, it has been all carved out and then painted, what do you think?