Thursday, August 29, 2013

476 votes and counting


Well, the competition started on Monday and let me tell you it has been very exciting, counting votes and asking people to help, I am not at the bottom  but I am not at the top either. There is one excellent craftswoman in Massachusetts who already has more than 2,000 votes, there is another in Palm Harbor, Florida who has 800. So I guess for being my first time I am not so bad. I hope more friends find out and start voting. If you like my work, wherever you are, you can help me to. You can 5 times a day until September 13th. With your help I will be able to buy a wheel and start building my studio. I know it is very hard to get more than 5,000 votes but I am willing to fight for it, would you help me?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

American Made


As some of you may have notice I am applying to Martha Stewart American Made 2013. This is a online contest and the "only" thing I will need is 5,000 votes. Yeah, right! Where on Earth am I going to find 5,000 people who will vote for me!

Anyway, the contest is free and I will give it a shot, I can not imagine any bad scenarios coming from this, so why not, right and maybe, just maybe I can gin the money and I now exactly how to use that money :) A potter's wheel, a wedging table, some glazes. The beginning of my studio, maybe only the floor and some screen in the garden, but its a start, don't you think?

So, please vote for me, there is no money involve, just a click, perhaps there will be the option to vote everyday during the 19 days of the competition, I don't know, the clicking features on the "American Made" website will be open on Monday. Competition starts Monday, August 26th  through Thursday September 19th.

Here is the link, ah, by the way if you click on the like button as well, that will be awesome too :)

Thanks a lot,


Here is the link, you can also just click on the badge of American Made in the column on your right.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bowls for food

I am trying to keep my first big order. Its from a dear friend, it will also work as an experiment and learning process of shipping. She wants a set of 8 pieces, but all of them different. Currently I have 7 designs and I am still thinking and working on my 8th. I tried leaves in yellow, but I am still not happy with it, although I like that new  technique very much.

I work very slow, I don't have a wheel at home and I have to throw, trim and glaze at the studio, it takes time. Also I am making a set for myself as well, so I will have a model for photos, shows, etc. I have to make 16 bowls, 16 mugs, 16 big plates, and 16 medium plates. This will mean nothing for a professional potter that make wholesales orders, but for me is a lot. I feel bad specially when I am at home after a day or relaxing, there is nothing I can do to accelerate the process, I have to wait until Monday to start again. Perhaps I can work on recycling my clay in order to feel more productive.

Here is a collage I made with my designs. The yellow is there just to complete the 8.