Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great Smoky Mountains

Estoy desde hace un par de dias las Smoky Mountains en Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Ayer empezo el frio, hoy subimos a Elkmont con 39 F . Es un camino bonito, a lo largo del rio. Lo que nos animo a seguir caminando fue el encontramos ositos. No salimos del carro, porque por mas que se vean tan lindos, son salvajes, y me da miedo que me coma o me de un garrotaso. Ademas, era la mama y sus oseznos y no vaya a creer que soy un peligro para su crias asi que no mas desde el carro.


Mas  informacion sobre Elkmont y las Somky Mountains aqui:,_Tennessee

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saving the Greenware

I got two pieces from my teacher, she again asked me if I wanted to do something with them otherwise she will discard and I don't like that,  I will save anything (almost anything I must admit). Although I should also say, that some pieces don't deserve to be saved, I must learn to let them go....but not these couple.  So I did something with them. I did a sgraffito design with one of them, a bird, bring me back memories of the old good days in Lima, when I was studying drawing animation. I think one of my characters from the short film animation will show up again very soon :)  I wonder if Edith or Maria Angelica will remember it...

With the second vase I wanted to try a design with slip and carving. I didn't have the official potter tool, the slip trail applicator, so I used a piping bag instead. It doesn't work quite exactly as I planned, or maybe the vase was a bit to dry or maybe I just need more practice or maybe the slip had not the right consistency.... many maybes, I will keep trying.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inca Summer... in Winter time.

Here are the sgraffito bowls (5). Took me some time to posted but here they are. I think the size is perfect for cereal or ice-cream...humm, maybe a bit to big for ice-cream if one want to keep oneself thin and tone : P

I also have made a small vase :)

 Then I was wondering if I can make some Peruvian motives, wondering if sgraffito will be the right technique for that... I just give it a try.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Tocapus again

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming... and I am not ready (!!!) Well, I am not ready because I am just crazy enough to try to make projects in the busiest time of the year. I just had this vision of us having a Christmas dinner on really nice Tocapus plates, wouldn't it be nice, to have an unique table, then no matter how the food taste at least it will look good hahahhahaa!!

And to make things worse, I want the six plates to be different, something must be really wrong in me, will be so much easy to make all the 6 plates with the same design....

So far I have made 3, so I need to get out of the computer and start cutting glass.

Here are 2 designs, one was on the kiln at the time,and yes I only want to use blue and white on a clear glass :)