Monday, December 5, 2011

Tocapus again

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming... and I am not ready (!!!) Well, I am not ready because I am just crazy enough to try to make projects in the busiest time of the year. I just had this vision of us having a Christmas dinner on really nice Tocapus plates, wouldn't it be nice, to have an unique table, then no matter how the food taste at least it will look good hahahhahaa!!

And to make things worse, I want the six plates to be different, something must be really wrong in me, will be so much easy to make all the 6 plates with the same design....

So far I have made 3, so I need to get out of the computer and start cutting glass.

Here are 2 designs, one was on the kiln at the time,and yes I only want to use blue and white on a clear glass :)

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