Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saving the Greenware

I got two pieces from my teacher, she again asked me if I wanted to do something with them otherwise she will discard and I don't like that,  I will save anything (almost anything I must admit). Although I should also say, that some pieces don't deserve to be saved, I must learn to let them go....but not these couple.  So I did something with them. I did a sgraffito design with one of them, a bird, bring me back memories of the old good days in Lima, when I was studying drawing animation. I think one of my characters from the short film animation will show up again very soon :)  I wonder if Edith or Maria Angelica will remember it...

With the second vase I wanted to try a design with slip and carving. I didn't have the official potter tool, the slip trail applicator, so I used a piping bag instead. It doesn't work quite exactly as I planned, or maybe the vase was a bit to dry or maybe I just need more practice or maybe the slip had not the right consistency.... many maybes, I will keep trying.

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