Thursday, February 27, 2014

Florida Heat 2014

I know, I know, I have been away for a while, but life gets complicated sometimes. I still have a pile of things to do that I can not when I will be able to finish. Perhaps it will be faster if I just focus on the things I need to do instead of the things I like to do. For example, in that pile there is a paper I need to finish since for ever, photos I need to take of my recent pottery, etc, etc. But what do I do instead rush into full day workshop.

The workshop is called Florida Heat and is hosted by St. Pete Clay Company, a great place in St. Petersburg. I just to live in St. Pete (that's how we call our little town) before I got married, now I live in Tampa; these 2 towns are what is call the Tampa Bay Area. But, I digress, Florida Heat is a 5 day workshop, and this year many of my all time favorite potters where here, in my town, I couldn't be more excited when I found out about it. However it is very expensive workshop, or at least it is for me. So, I could only afford to go to one day, one fantastic day with Julia Galloway, Michael Kline, Chandra DeBuse and Adam Field, but thing was that many of the projects that they were showing needed more than one day, so I HAD to go next day also. Luckily for me, I had a great and supportive husband that spoils me so much (I love you so much Briancito!)

Next day I was great too, and I meet Forrest Middelton. I have to confess I wasn't so into his pottery, I know is bad of me, but I am not to thrill about stencils and transfers, but he is so awesome, that I might tried it. The things he does with clay... you have to see it. The only sad thing was that I couldn't see one of my favorites potters, Kristen Kieffer, but I am planning to buy her DVD to compensate my loss. Also I miss the presentation of Lisa Orr and Benjamin Carter, I didn't know much about them but now I am so intrigued, specially by the pottery of Lisa Orr, her pottery is so wild and organic, check it out if you have some time.

Perhaps with all the knowledge this wonderful potters where so generous to share I can improve my pottery skills, and I can have more sales, with that money I think I will go to a hands-on workshop in the future. I discover that is better to practice a little and have some knowledge so one can ask the right questions, otherwise one thinks understand but when practice the knowledge one found some gaps. If you know what I mean. Also, I want to have their pottery with me, I want to touch them and look at them I have to work on my sales skills, because I need those pots!

Here are some photos, I am planning to make collages and put in practice what I learn, but it will take me some time. I hope you can understand.

My favorite potters: Kristen Kieffer, Chandra DeBuse and the wonderful Julia Galloway

I like their work so much and now that I have the pleasure to meet them I am head over heels. Their pottery really match their persona. I can understand now why they do what they do, is because their pottery is just a projection of themselves. And now I like them even more, after the workshop there is a thought  that don't leave my mind, going to Montana, yes super cold and nothing but cows Montana, just because Julia Galloway works at the Archie Bray Foundation and it gets worse, I want to be part of the show they have once a year, just because I want Julia Galloway to like me isn't that silly. Well, being accepted there is very prestigious too, so that is my next goal. . . I wonder how many years will that take me?

In the mean time I am working on some huge bowls I had successfully made on the wheel, if they survive I will show you some pictures in the next days. Wish me luck!