Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lidded Jars

I know it has been a while, pottery is coming slow this year. Family visiting, cold weather in Florida, and yes, I know that if you live up north our cold is nothing, but it is really cold for us. Then trying to clean the house, my little room, the garden, so many things to do, and very little accomplished.

How can those women do everything so nicely? Keeping a clean and neat house is not easy, cooking takes so much time, gardening too. How can they do everything, how they manage to have those pretty immaculate houses? I have been reading a lot of Apartments Therapy to find out, my only clue, they have way much more energy than me.

Anyway, here is the new project, lidded jars, I had made 3, here is the first one. Also it is me in my little room/studio with the frog in process.

I forgot to take a photo of the little frog, luckily my friend Betsy did it. Here are her photos, one with me (again) holding the little frog and the other one just the frog itself. I am at the Hyde Park Art Studio, you can see it a little, and no, it is not that we need the mirrors to look at ourselves all the time, someone said it is the best for you to look the pot in the mirror instead of keep twisting our bodies.

I will post another photo of the lidded jar with a frog after it is glazed and fired again.