Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moraditos/ Purple

I am tying new colors for my slip decorated bowls. I am also trying new designs to perhaps doing some sets. Here are four different designs in purple.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Starry Night

I have been thinking a lot about architecture lately and how the shape of the buildings model the character of a city. I am from Lima, a big and chaotic city, a city that if it weren't for it's countless treasures would be very hard to live in. To live in Lima you need to be strong and not only physically but mentally, it's a city that strengthen your character. I am not a good example of a Limena girl, I am to weak, and sensitive, even though I miss Lima. Maybe I am the person who likes to complain a lot when I'm there: I am always complaining about traffic and how rude people can be and, yet, I miss it.  I am living now in Tampa Bay, a city that  many expatriate friends of mine call "paradise". The calm and warm water of the Gulf of Mexico is our permanent swimming pool, trees are always green, flowers are always in bloom and nature walks next to you, sometimes way to close to me--I am not a fan of frogs, toads, snakes or alligators.

I watched an Argentinian movie lately, Medianeras/ Sidewalls, what a beautiful film! It's about how city architecture somehow impacts the modeling of the character of the population of the city; it's also what my boyfriend would call chick-flick, a romantic comedy film.

Anyway, with all these things in my head I sit and start drawing on my bowl, thinking that I have used chocolate brown a lot and I should start a new color, so I painted it with blue, and what goes with dark blue? well I think "night". I was just thinking of drawing buildings and trees and some stars on the sky but little by little my houses start looking a bit more magical. Who will live in these houses? Maybe I just have to make more and find out....!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Celadon Green

I think I had finally accomplished the first step on my route to becoming a fine potter. I have thrown, decorated and glazed four bowls that are almost the same size, yehhhhh!! or should I say yay!!!

I like them so much, even though I shouldn't feel so very proud of myself :) Here they are:

Tick, tick, tick, tick..

Tick, tick, tick, tick was the noise I heard when I went to throw away the garbage. But from where did that noise come? Tick, tick, tick, tick and silence, and then again, tick, tick, tick, tick. There are so many unidentified noises outside in the garden, I just had figure it out a few others, like the quirk, quirk, quirk, quirk . . . , I recently discovered are from some frogs, or are they toads? living in the little mailbox and close to the plant pots. I always thought the frogs said, "cucu," like the children's song: "Cucu, cantaba la rana, cucu, debajo del agua . . ." or maybe, the frogs/toads really speak English here in Tampa Bay, Florida.

But I am digressing from my story, back to the tick, tick, tick, tick. I just had to open my eyes and lift my head to find out the one making that noise was a Red-bellied Woodpecker. It was not exactly as the only woodpecker I have known, Woody Woodpecker from the Warner Brothers, but it is really beautiful.