Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cup: The Intimate Object XI

Yesterday was the opening of "The Cup XI" at Charlie Cummings Gallery  I never have seen so many beautiful cups in one place, so different from each other, some were traditional, some were modern, some were rustic, some were so delicate, some were full of color, some were monochromatic. I feel so happy and honored to have my cups among such amazing cups. I went to Gainesville with my mother and my husband, they were thrilled, they took so many photos of me, I felt like a movie star. I did not take one single photo, I was so captivated by all the cups. My lovely husband bought a cup for me, and now I am the proud owner of a Sue Tirrell cup.

After the reception we went to celebrate with Indian food, and it was delicious as well,
Thank you Briancito <3, it was a lovely evening.

All the cups are uploaded at Charlie Cummings online store, there are all so pretty I think he sells worldwide. My cups are in page 9, (Monica's Guerrero cups) but please go and look all the cups, there is something for everybody.