Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In the land of purple trunk trees

Well, this is the final product, I had never play with underglazes this way although I do had use some before, for sgraffito purposes, 4 layers of one color and that's it. This is different, I was trying to paint with them the same way I paint with water colors. I did not turned out how I was expecting. However the result is fascinating, the greens are so psychedelic even when I only use a little and very, very watery. The brown turned purple, the orange/red turned out really red. Kiln does do magic!

I still have one more to paint, I will try something different and perhaps I will try a whole new set with this decoration, oh the future  what magical things will they have prepare for us.

I still need a title for it, some people had called Alice in Wonderland imaginary, some others psychedelic, and some kind of putrid (!!) What do you think?