Sunday, September 6, 2015

Posy Vases

This two posy vases were an experiment than turned out very well. They are fired cone 10 and painted with comercial glazes. Before these vases I didn't like that my clay always turned light gray when fired cone 10. I discover that if I want my clay to remain white, I have two options: fired cone 10 electric or change Loafers Glory (my clay) to porcelain.

At the studio they don't fired electric or work with porcelain, so if I want to have the background really white, I have to go somewhere else. Which is not the end of the world, but I am used to fire my pieces in one place, plus it will required me to transport pieces, etc.

So, i made this two small vases, and use different colors to paint them. As you can see, the background is not white, but the light gray is not disturbing either. I asked my classmates and no one were even thinking that the background must be white. I believe I over think way to much and make big problems were there are none.

This two little vases are helping me in more ways than just testing colors.

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