Thursday, February 4, 2016


2016 has started either I was ready or not. I am taking a short pause from the studio to "relax" a little, clean the house and spend time with my family. My cousin and my niece are in town and I don't know if you know, but we Peruvians, like to celebrate a lot.

The weather here in Florida, has not been the best, but I can't complain, considering how the northern states are suffering with the snow storm, twister, etc. Here is only cold and rainy.

I have some news to share. I have been accepted in two big shows, one in Baltimore and the other in Philadelphia.  I am so happy that my pieces have been accepted, I am really thinking on going up north for the opening.

The first show is "Menagerie" hosted by Baltimore Clayworks. The opening will Friday, May 13th. I am super happy, because the juror was Jenny Mendes and I love, love her work.
This is the piece that got accepted.

The second show is called "Small Favors. An exhibition of diminutive works". Hosted by the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Opening Reception will be April 1st. In this show my 3 pieces got accepted, yay!!!

Tomorrow I am going to pack my pieces and send them to Philly. I am excited! If I go, I promise I take some photos.

I am so happy that I wanted to share the news with you. 2016 seems like it will be a good year!