Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sir Jumpsalot


Finally, my jars are ready, yay!!!

I was struggling with the colors, we had a lack of supplies at the studio, and I realized that I use light green a lot, chartreuse to be exact and black. I can not live without chartreuseeeeeeeeeeee!!! hahahaha!

What happen without chartreuse, the greens get darker, so I had to think on some more darker, earthy colors. Here is the result. Not so bad either.

I was so relief that I could open the jars, in the past one of my jars got stuck, and it took me a lot of time until finally someone help me, they recommended me to have wood sticks. This guy, Bill, kept hitting the jar, ever so light and continuously until it finally opened. This time my jars had a lot of decorations, it would have been very sad. But it didn't happen, yay!!! again.

Here is the frog, looking good "Sir Jumpsalot", funny name, my friend Deborah, name him, she said, he just look like a Sir, hahaha!

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