Monday, March 2, 2015


Yes! Again I am trying to make tall vases on the wheel, it is hard, at least it is hard for me. I can do small vases, but my goal is to make something tall, with fat walls so I can carve them and thin wall so I can paint them.

I got help from my teacher Scott with this vase, and I want to do something exactly like that all by myself, perhaps I have to practice more, perhaps is time to buy a wheel and practice more at my house. I am working on that, but every time I think we can afford one something happen, roof leaks, pluming problems, car problems, there is always something, but hopefully this will be the year.

Anyways, this vase was decorated with mishima and later sprayed with spodumene and dijon glazes, cone 10. I wanted to make a clear difference in the color of the bunnies and the color of the background, but I couldn't every time I tried I couldn't totally control the spray gun. I was thinking a different spray gun, the one you can use to paint but I have been told that the consistency of glazes and the consistency of ink will not be the same even when it kind of look the same, bummer!

I was also looking the videos of a wonderful potter, his name is Charlie Tefft, and he makes the most lovely pots, he also sprayed his pots, and in his video, of course, it looks like it is not that difficult, but IT IS! I am going to keep investigating and experimenting with goof luck I will be able to find something that works for me.

Here is the vase, tell me what do you think or suggestions.

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