Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More Jars

Finally I can seat and post the 2 jars that I told you about. My computer is slowly dying and there are days that I have no the energy or the patience to fight with it, and rather only use it to see my mail and FB, anything else will take forever.

I really need a new computer and now I am torn between the Mac Air and the Surface 3 Pro, I can not make my mind. I was so sure about the Surface and then my husband started talking about the Mac Air then I ask someone and again, seems like Mac Air is the best choice, but what about the tablet, the Surface is tablet and laptop all in one, but and here is the big but, Windows 8 is a pain, everyone agree with that. Do I want to fight with windows 8 every time I use the computer?

Diossss! Que hacer! Any why, I got distracted, here are the 2 jars, one is called Curious Snail and the other American Robin. Right now they are at the store, hopefully someone will buy it and I will have money for the new computer, keep finger cross.

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