Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vermillion Flycatcher Cup 1

As I said before, I am making cups, trying different things with them. . . and of course I like birds. This is cup with two vermillion flycatchers, I am a bit obsessed with them. In Lima we call him "Turtupilin", this bird has many names, it is also called "putilla", "mosquero", "mosquero sangretoro", "mosquero cardenal", and many more, I like turtupilin, sounds good too me. I miss it, there are not vermillion flycatchers or Turtupilines in Florida.

Perhaps the thing that I like most is the black mark around its eyes, is like they are wearing an eye mask, I find the raccoons also  incredible cute. I should draw them as well.

I draw two turtupilines, as a way of practice, I like mishima more and more every time I try it. Someone at the studio said something that make me think, she said she loves the birds but she will love them even more if they would be able to talk like Rodolfo and the cats, and it is true. When I draw them, their train of thoughts are in my head,  for example the fat one is thinking of eating the dragonflies, just waiting for the right time to ZAZ! his behavior is being observed by the other bird, who is also thinking, that that bird needs to be on a diet. However, everything is just in my head, only Rodolfo and the cats have been able to said their thoughts aloud. I wonder how can I make them talk....

What do you think of these birds? So far they have help me to increase the likes on my Facebook page, which makes me very happy. If you want to like it as well click  Barro y Arena. and like my page. It will be very appreciate.

Thank you !

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