Friday, August 15, 2014

Conejitos / Bunnies

I tried some new design on my last 2 cups, bunnies! I used blue underglaze instead of black and once they were fired I just covered completely with blue celadon glaze. Which was much more faster than coloring every single thing of the cup and then glazing it. However, i do enjoy the bright colors of the birds, I will try some new design with colors.

Also I have to say that I am still learning with this mishima technique, I had learn in the past that if I add a little of slip to the underglazes they will not run or bleed on the cone 6 kiln. However the color will not be as bright as it were without the slip. I have also learned just a couple days ago thanks to Diana Feyt video on Creativebug is that if I water down the glaze it will not run either, I should have know that since I water down the underglazes when I colored my birds, I was thinking only on a watercolor effect though.

The second thing I have leaned is that she recommended to use a natural sponge, I have yet to try that, I have to buy one first. I will tell you if I feel a big difference or not.

Anyhow, here they are, tell me what do you think, any suggestions and comments are very welcome.

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