Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Florida Summer Cups

Lately, I have been making cups, many cups, cups with different decorations, carving, mishima, sgraffito. I am also trying a new handle, something different, something that also will be easy to replicate. I am not there yet. I am trying different things with the mishima technique, thinking what if I have to make many of the same, would I be able to make them in a short period of time or would it take me forever?

The cups below are called "Florida Summer" and they are a colorful version of my "Inca Summer" which are brown with sgraffito. The design is almost the same, but the colors make them look so different.

Why cups you may ask, because I would say, it seems that every gallery is doing a Cup Exhibit, and I want to be part of that, so I am practicing, making as many cups as I can and select later the best ones and apply to those exhibits. So far I have been accepted to one gallery and turned down by another one. Makes me sad to read: "... Unfortunately, we have not selected your cups...." However I think that I should keep trying, someday those galleries, will say yes to me.

Later when the exhibit is open and available to see online, I go and check the selected pieces and compare them with mine, sometimes mine don't look so bad, sometimes they even look similar to some of the accepted ones, and then I wonder why they say no to me. I guess I will never know. Maybe is ok, since on the other hand they didn't tell me why I was accepted either.

Anyway, here are the cups, what do you think?

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