Saturday, July 19, 2014


Well, I am not sure his name is Rodolfo, my neighbor calls him Rudy, but Rudy doesn't seem to be a name for him, somehow I think he is Latin, and speaks Spanish, I think he sings Quiquiriqui, and not Cock- A - Doodle - Do. I mean, really? I can not even pronounce that, how will Rodolfo??

Yes, Rodolfo is a rooster, a free one, I have no idea how he ended up living on my street, he is here all the time, and he sings the whole day, and he is way fatter than he should be. He goes door to door and sings for food, and people, of course feed him... well, not everyone, not me. I don't want him to come all the time and ask for food, and even so, he is always here, same with cats, I don't like them, and regardless they are here all the time. For some reason, they like my garden, front and back. Luckly  Rodolfo has not found his way to my back garden like the cats. And my next door neighbor keeps him well fed, so I guess there is nothing to worry about.

It has been about 2 months, I think, since the very first time we heard Rodolfo, and nowadays I barely hear him, not because he has stopped singing but because I am so used to him. The other day my cousin came to visit and found him, she was surprised and said: "There is a rooster on your front door"! Rodolfo moved slowly and let her pass, he is not afraid of humans at all.

 Here are some photos of Rodolfo. I have learned that he is a Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken, and that they are quite popular here in the USA. My mom said they are called "moros" in Peru. However, if you google them, you will notice that the roosters are not as fat as Rodolfo; he has been definitely well fed by the Ballast Point neighbors.

Do you have chickens? It seems like everybody has chickens nowadays, and of course, fresh eggs too, but so far I am the only one who "has" a free rooster who sings Quiquiriqui every hour, because I am sure he sings in Spanish.

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