Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rodolfo en Technicolor

Here is Rodolfo, with his friends gatunos, Victoria y Sekmeth. And no, I am not so creative to make up those names, Victoria is the cat of my friend Edith and Sekmeth the cat of my brother. Initially I thought I will represent Gato or Guapo, because of the cool names, perhaps later I do something with them, perhaps a version inspired in "Don Gato y su pandilla"... how is the US name....oh yes, Top Cat!

How the lyric goes... Yes he's a chief, he's a king, But above everything, He's the most tip top, Top Cat. Top Cat!". I loved that cartoon, when I was a kid I did not speak English, so I never knew what they were saying on the intros, I just read made by Hanna Barbera, which you know are the last names of two guys, but back in those days I thought it a girl made the cartoons, first name Hanna last name Barbera. I always wish I could be like her, draw something so beautiful and clever, perhaps one day I will go back to animation or perhaps my pots will help me to fulfill that dream.

Anyway, here is Rodolfo y Victoria. Rodolfo is singing in Spanish, of course Kikirikiiiiiii, and Victoria, who is such a clever cat, notice that he/me has misspelled the word,  I should have wrote Quiquiriqui. (I have been in the states for so long, I can not write correctly in any language any more :S) It is my own joke, but is ok, I have fun making pots and decorating them, so why not, right, as my teacher always said, it is just clay :)

Here is the intro and the credits of Top Cat in case you are trying to sing the tune like me :)

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