Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rodolfo in movement

So, I guess by now, you know me a little bit, and you may have guess that Rodolfo will show up in my pots someway or another. Well, here he is. These cups are on greenware and I use the mishima technique to draw him, the landscape and his friend. Yes! Rodolfo has a friend.

If you are my friend on FB you will have notice that I was asking for photos of cats sleeping, cats are hard to draw! Looking at photos help me with my drawing.

Have you notice that cats sleep all the time? And Rodolfo as well sings the whole day, so in my head, Rodolfo singing would not let the cat to sleep in peace. Kind of silly right? but that's me. Then I made a mistake with the Spanish spelling, so the cat corrected me/Rodolfo. I tried to find a way to solve this problem because once you carved the pot there is no way back, well, almost.

In the first cup Rodolfo sings in Spanish and in the second one in English.

The cats are different because I like this idea and I would repeat it, so I was testing different colors for the cats, if the orange make it will be Rodolfo and Sekmeth or Rodolfo and Gato, if the black cat makes the cut. We will see. I still can not make up my mind.

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