Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tazon de conejitos y tazon de pajaritos/ Bunnies and Birds Bowls

Yesterday I picked up the bowls, they look good. I have many ideas for improving and making more, I am happy with the result specially because these are the first ones that have more than one color. In the past I have made may with the slip trailing tool but I just either sprayed them or dipped them.

Here are the photos:

I have two more bowls, I carved them. One is in the kiln right now and the other is waiting to be painted. I thought I could finish it today, but between the photos, the laundry and cooking (yes it was my turn to cook) and oh yes, I finished the 3 book of the Hunger Games trilogy, I had not time to seat in my little room and find some peace to paint. I will do it tomorrow. 

Let me know what you think, every comment is well received! 

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