Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bowl #3

Here is a photo of Bowl#3. This was a very big bowl, the biggest I have ever made. 5.5 pounds of clay!! and I did it all by myself, centering, making it and then decorate it. I choose to carved because I do like carving a lot and the walls of the bowl were not to thin.

The theme was birds, of course, a bird from Lima, it is red and black, its name is turtupilin, well, that is how we Peruvians call this pretty bird. His real name is Pyrocephalus rubinus, here in the US is called Vermilion Flycatcher. This pretty bird is called in many different way around Latin America  some examples are  mosquero sangretoro,  atrapamoscas, mosquero cardenal, mosquero bermellón, saca tu real, atrapamoscas pechirrojo. 

Tomorrow I have to pick it up from the studio, hopefully the glazes worked well together. I will take some photos on Tuesday in the meantime  here are some photos I took in Instagram, there is also a video there if you feel curious, quality is not the best but gives you and idea.

That's all for today, is a gorgeous day outside and I am out of here :). See you on Tuesday!

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