Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day here in the USA. Is a day when families and friends get together to celebrate to be able to be together and to be thankful of all the things one has.

I am very thankful this year, I got married with my best friend Brian, my sister is in town, my mom lives very close to me, my cousin Ceci is living in Tampa this year, and her smart and beautiful daughter Isabella, just light my day every time I see her. I have family close to me, tia Isabel is here too, and some weeks ago my uncle tono y tia mariana were here visiting. I have very good friends here in the Tampa Bay area and incredible friends overseas that even when we are so geographically apart, it seems like we are just a "microbus" away.

I am very thankful to be able to do what I like, paint, pottery, gardening and bakery. I also have to do some cleaning and cooking, but it is a small price to pay. My days are usually the same everyday not very exciting adventures every week, but I like it, what I am saying I love it. I enjoy my routine, may be boring for some but I am do enjoy it.

I am very thankful for my health, that even when right now is not at its best, it is better than it has been in years. And from now on, I am sure it will get better and better.

I am also thankful for being able to sell some of my stuff last Saturday at the Shopapalooza. I carried many of my "seconds" and people purchased them, that made my day. And, of course, I sold some of my nice pottery and receive tons of compliments which made me very happy. I was part of the Etsy Village, which put together a group of Tampa Bay Area Etsy sellers among the regulars Shopapalooza vendors. Thank you Stephanie MacGrath for making this happen! And thank you all the TBEC members, I was very lucky to have found such an amazing group.

Here are a couple of photos from the show, Briancito is in one of them, he is always with me helping me, and I am very thankful, blessed and happy to have him.

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