Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blue Birds of Happiness collection

This is the "Blue Birds of Happiness" Collection, in the photo the big dinner plate is missing, takes so much time to dry and the usually shiny Florida has been cold  humid lately therefore, the dinner plate is not yet ready, however since I had the Shopapalooza Show last week, I decided to go ahead and make a photo of it.

I also have two versions of the clouds you see in the bowls, one is blue as you can see it and the other one is white, it seems that the blue was more popular. I am posting these in my Etsy store, I think that any piece of this set can be a wonderful Christmas gift, of course a whole dinning set will be spectacular, but I think that not many people will be able to afford it. My wish is that people use my pottery in a daily basis, but I can not make it any cheaper that it already is. Every piece is unique and takes time to make it and decorate it. I know it will be easier and faster to just use stickers or stencils; even the so famous and expensive Vietri Italian pottery use stencil! However, even when they are so pretty, all of them are the same, you don't have a unique object, the one you purchased is almost exactly the same as the other millions that they make.

I wonder if this is the right path to walk, perhaps I should stop being naive and romantic, perhaps I should stop making unique pieces and start thinking more as a business woman, thinking only on how to sell more, what will people will want and make it, find the way to make millions of identical pieces for a Walmart kind of price (Walmart and Target mugs are $5 dollars, mine are $25)

It is a real struggle to sell, at least for me. I am happy when I make them, when selling not so much, it is so hard for me. I don't think that $25 is to much, is 2 tickets to the movies on 3D or IMAX, is one entree in a nice restaurant, is one t-shirt at a nice store, so it is not that expensive, don't you think?

Anyway, I have to go back to cleaning my little room of requirements, it is so chaotic. I also have to work on my Etsy store, I usually don't do much there, and I should.

There are 5 more collection, I will try to post them daily.

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