Friday, September 6, 2013

Almost 4,000 votes !!

Yes!  We are almost in 4,000 votes in the American Made contests sponsored by Martha Stewart. As I told you before, there are 5 categories and I am in the one named "craft" there are almost 1,000 participants and some of them are running again for the second time. It is a hard competition, a couple of them already have 16,000 votes, but there are many who will pass to the finals. For what I have read, last year were 1,000 nominees and 1000 pass to the finals, I guess that if only in the craft category are 1,000 more than a hundred will pass to the finals, so I still have a chance.

Maybe you have been wondering why I am putting myself into this stressful competition, and the answer is easy, to have more exposure, to increase my fans and to have money, of course, the prize is 10,000 dollars!! With that money I will be able to build my dream studio in the garden.

I have been collecting photos in my Pinterest account, and there is one that I really want. One surrounding by flowers, with big windows, and since it is in the garden it will allow me to go back and forth to my house in no time :). In the studio i will have shelves and a potter's wheel, that will be great since I only can use it while in the studio. If you are a potter or have you tried one you will know that there are good days, when everything runs smoothly, those day I would have been able to make more than 4 mugs or bowls, but there is no time for more. And there are the other kind of days, when nothing works, everything I tried on the wheel collapsed, too much water, to fast building the walls, bubbles... argghhh! everything that you can imagined happen, those are horrible days. Wouldn't it be nice to avoid those days and just work more hours on the good ones? With a wheel in my house I will be able to do just that :)

Here is the studio I want, you can look at more images in my pinterest board, or here

Don't you think it is beautiful, don't you fight for it if you have the chance, well I am doing it, and I am sure I will have it some day, if not winning the prize I will build it anyway, it will just take some years, but brick by brick I will build it.

If you like my work please vote for me, wherever you are, it is an online competition, so you just have to register with a FB account or with an email and any password, and you can vote for me up to 6 times per day everyday until the 13th. Thank you!!

Here is the link:


  1. Wow- that is a stunning studio! I have been voting for you, btw. =)

  2. Thank you!! Yes, that studio just look amazing, I want it. The person working there should be very happy to work there everyday :)