Wednesday, September 18, 2013

10,295 votes and 4 more days to go!!!

With 10,265 votes we are ready for the 4 days left of the competition. We are number 14 from 1,000 competitors in the craft category from all the USA. The competition was open to everybody from the beginning, which means that small artist like me will be competing with big business. One, for example had 35K Likes in her FB page, before the competition started. Its kind of crazy even dreaming to compete with that, and however here we are #14. She is currently #3. Another good example is #7, she is a jeweler and her work had been selected to be display on one of the characters of Vampire Diaries Show, also her jewelry has been part of the gifts for celebrities in the Golden Globes Awards, Emmy Awards, etc. Number 9 is a well renowned basketry artist, she teaches as numerous workshops all over the US. Of of her baskets is right now property of the Smithsonian Museum. Numbers 10 to 15 are small artist like me. You can find here, soap makers, bags makers, painters,illustrators and a potter and glass artist: Me. I know it has been hard and tedious voting everyday,and the the website has been itself sometimes impossible to work with. But we have come so far, I really think that among all the top 20 I am the smallest, the one nobody will have bet on it...and here we are #14, so please, please vote again for 4 more days, share it with your friends, we can finish it in 10 place, Martha Steward and her team will have proof of what can truly and loyal friendship can achieve, making the impossible possible. I am just a girl from Lima with no connections no budget to give presents in exchange of votes (except for my mom's alfajores), no studio, no wheel... I may be just a huge dreamer who look for opportunities and hope for the best every time. Thank you for being there with me, supporting me. I don't have many things, but I do have friends, exceptionally good and amazing friends!!! Let's keep voting. To be in the top 10 is possible. Si se puede, si se puede!!! Gracias!!

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