Friday, December 28, 2012

Sali en el periodico!! / I am in the paper!!!

Yes, I was in the paper!! How exciting is that??

I revived a call the first week of December asking me if I will be willing to give an interview for the Spanish newspaper of the Tampa Bay, I said yes of course. I was pretty nervous, I got to extremes in those cases: either talk way to much or talk only with monosyllables.
They asked to have the interview early in the morning at 9 am, which is pretty for me. They also wanted to take some photos of my pottery pieces, which since I was doing a couple of shows were in boxes, so I have to clean the house (a little) and unpack and set my pieces in a nice way.

So I did it, I woke up on time to get dress and awake for the interview, the reporter was a very nice guy from El Salvador, and I think I feel comfortable because I talked and talked non stop. Now that I read what he wrote I am a bit surprised that I said so much in so little time. Perhaps I should have talked more about my Peruvians design on glass, perhaps I should have name my alma mater, which I care so deeply. It is true that as a kind I dream to study arts at the Catolica University (PUCP) but I have no regret whatsoever about San Marcos (UNMSM), I learn so many things there, not only regarding the academics but about my own city and my country. San Marcos open my eyes to many things, helped me to learn about tolerance, discipline and critical thinking, my professors were and are the best the country can offer and I got all that for a small price.

However, I believe that in order to be happy one must fallow their dreams and I always dreamed to create art, isn't what we do as kids what really make us happy?? Although, as a child I also spend many hours reading about artist and isn't that the essence of an Art Historian, to have a passion about the art creators and their influence in the world. So, maybe the reporter understand me better than myself, I am both, I enjoy  writing, reading and creating art.

Anyway, here is the link to the newspaper, I hope you find it interesting, at least amusing....

You can click here to read the note:

Entre Ceramica, vidrio y piezas artisticas

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