Thursday, May 15, 2014

Running Hares Plate


Sorry I have been lazy and not writing and a long time. I have been doing some deep carving and later I had a hard time deciding how to glaze them, there are 3 plates, this is the first one ready, there is the second waiting to be fired in the c.10 kiln and there is another one yet waiting for me to do something on it. Good news is that I finally made my mind, and it will be so pretty IF it turned out the way it is in my head. It even had a tittle, yeah right? shouldn't those things comes later it is done and not before it is done??? I know.

There is a small vase that is also ready, I need to take a photo of that too. You will love that because it is the same design I tried a year ago, and that it gave such a headache, remember the one vase that I almost destroy when I apply a latex, no? No worries I will write everything again, probably tomorrow.

This plate is the result of a new shape I am working on, it is not quite I envision but when I trimmed it I knew how to fix it, again it was so thick and the only thing to do when I pot is too thick is to deep carving. The bunnies or in this case, hares are part of the same idea of my previous bowl. I love animation, yo know that I wanted to be an animator when I was 18 or so and I did not become one, so now I just do this designs. At least I am a bit closer to that dream that before, don't you think?

Now that I am looking at the photo I notice that one of the hares really need to exercise more, hahahaha!
What are your thoughts?

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