Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inca Waves

Here are two more plates, they are the same size and design, but different colors... its fascinating how little details can make big differences. This a Peruvian pattern, its very old but still very much in use in specially in textiles. You can also see it in reproductions of Inca Pottery among many things. I like the Inca designs, I believe they work wonderfully with fused glass, perhaps because its precision and geometric forms, perhaps because it keep me connected with my country... don't know exactly.

This year I have been focus on the wheel so much that I have not done much in glass. Also, the glass company where we used to buy our materials is closed down, so I have to find a new place to buy glass.

The photos are again from Annette Batista, isn't she wonderful! Feel free to leave any comments, it will be nice to know who reads my thoughts :) 

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