Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Under the Sea

I have been practicing vases, tumblers and pitchers lately. My teacher told me that I should practice more shapes besides bowls. Pitchers are hard to make; first of all, I have to  center on the potters' wheel 3 pounds of clay, more if possible. After that, make a cylinder, the walls should be thin because they will carry water and it should not be too heavy to manipulate.  Then, a shape should be formed and, depending on the shape, the spout should be molded.

After that, it should dry enough to trim the bottom and add the handle, and OMG! handles are so hard to do. Maybe that's why I am making tumblers now, no handles needed hahaha!!

Any way, the one here is a piece that refused to be a pitcher, so I made a vase :) and since I started to make the top in a scalloped shape, it kind of reminded me of waves, so I thought the best way to decorate it was to draw a marine theme with jelly fishes and marine plants.

I carved the design and also used some slip for the final touches. When in bisque I added some iron oxide wash before applying celadon green glaze. The piece was fired on cone 6.

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